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Gentlemen Etiquette

Allow me to introduce myself...


My name is Marcus Goh. I am a professional Vietnam Escort Agent for female Russian and Vietnamese social escorts for Danang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Saigon.


These girls are available for arrangements that I make with verified & trusted clients in a professional manner with discretion. All arrangements are private and confidential and no records are kept in any manner.


I present the girls as honestly as I may, with professional management, mutual respect and the promise and discretion to never reveal any identity to anyone in any manner.


To facilitate an arrangement, I would need to know your choice escorts, your hotel, room number and last name so that I may verify you in room before going ahead.


The advance deposit process is only for the initial arrangement. After we have established a professional understanding, it will be hassle free and arrangements may be made promptly.


Defining a Gentleman

A gentleman is not defined by how deep his pocket is, or by what car he drives.


A gentleman is defined by his mannerism and that, is a secret girl magnet.


I have the privilege of meeting and working with social escorts for some years now, and if there is one tip that I may offer is this:


You almost always get your way if the girl feels that you are a true gentleman.


Yes boys, chivalry does have its rewards and oftentimes, it is not a question of how much you can afford to pay, but how well she feels you treat and respects her.


It's an old fashioned notion that works till this day and age.


The mannerism you have towards women determines if she feels comfortable with you and how she reflects upon you as a exceptional gentleman or just another guy.

The more comfortable she is, the better her opinion is of you, the less guarded she will be.


The phase ladies first means a lot to women, and by that she means that she appreciates if you open doors for her, pull up her chair for her and exercise basic courtesy by asking if she would like to have a drink or if she feels that the night is chilly and offer her your coat.


Small acts like these are basic gentleman behaviour and take my word for it — you will be well remembered for it!


A escort girl or lady is first a girl or lady before she is a escort, let's get that right. She chooses to become a escort due to several obvious factors.


However, why she chooses to remain a escort is another matter entirely — most will cite financial freedom as the main draw, but there are more and more girls who really like the independence that comes along with it.


The opportunity to be herself and answer to no one else.


Whatever the reason, she is a living person with passion, desires, emotions, needs and wants. The key of unlocking all that is to be a gentleman in her eyes. The ultimate rewards is a real-feel-ness of all her passion, desire and emotions...



Marcus Escort International represent girls with the highest natural girlfriend experience and it starts with the right attitude and an innate understanding about being sensual, sexy, well presented, punctual and most importantly, that during the duration of your booking, she is focused on knowing and understanding you most intimately.


The golden rule is:

The more gentlemanly you are, the easier it is for our girls to create a sensual, memorable encounter.


Our girls typically enjoy the rewards as well as the encounters and experiences — it’s a lifestyle choice.


Over time, you will become a trusted client of ours, and as such we will understand you better and may advise your choice es

cort accordingly.


With that gained confidence, your escort will feel more relaxed and the date will be every bit as enjoyable as you can imagine.



CLEANLINESS: Have a shower; paying particular attention to washing your personal hygiene — the chances of your escort being a willing participant in erotic games with you is directly proportional to your level of personal hygiene.



Prepare the agreed sum in advance, and in an unsealed envelope. Our girls expect payment upon meeting and please invite her to check the envelope for any discrepancies. A gentlemen act goes a long way in creating the mood for a most rewarding date with our girls.


A Gin and Tonic to help with your nerves, or a brandy to arouse you is OK. Ten bottles of beer is really not a good idea at all. We expect that you will be sober during the meeting with our girls and to be the perfect gentlemen to earn the status of being one of our trusted client.



Though presents are never expected or required, every woman loves them. Each escort has a little wish list at her profile where you can find her favourite flower, perfume and lingerie. Your escort will feel very special knowing that you thought of her before your time together.



Take some time to have a chat with your chosen escort about this and that. She is meeting you for the first time and she wants to be relaxed so that she can serve you better. Understand that you simply cannot expect her to give you a girlfriend experience with conversing!



Offer your escort a drink, engage in a little chit-chat, treat her like a lady. A little respect will pay dividends.



Detailed personal questions is a no-go area. Don't make the mistake of getting her all warmed up and ask a personal question to undo all that. The moment her guard goes up, the passion goes down.


And note that it’s always better to be safe then sorry — our girls will have the necessary ready for you.


If you feel that your time with your escort was pleasurable and special to you, it is highly appreciated but never expected to give your escort a tip. You can do this at the end of your time together by gracefully and discretely handing it to her. Our girls keeps all of the tips.



Respect her privacy as we respect yours. Do not ask our escorts for their private phone numbers, app IDs or email addresses. They choose to be represented by Marcus Escort International for privacy and discretion reasons.


The first sign of a great lover is a considerate one. Like everything in life, never assume you know it all. We should never stop learning, even in the bedroom!


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